Two Oaks Farmstead is the farm store that holds everything together. It is where much of the proverbial fruit of our labor is showcased. Two Oaks Farmstead is a family owned and operated, fully functioning farmstead with a specialization in handcrafted furniture and home décor. We also offer a wide array of farm products throughout the year, in season. We recently added new lines of Organic salves and skin care and more will be coming. Our line of jewelry is always changing and growing and we are even working on a line of handcrafted, top quality knives in a variety of styles.

two oaks farmstead

Two Oaks Farmstead Furniture

We take a great deal of time and care in designing and handcrafting each piece of furniture that we sell. There is no assembly line, just experienced woodworkers carefully working on each piece. By far, our largest and most demanded furniture category is our hidden gun storage. We create many different styles and do a great deal of custom work in this area as well.

two oaks farmstead fine art

Two Oaks Farmstead Fine Art

A variety of original artwork in the form of oil paintings, acrylic paintings, mixed media paintings, with styles ranging from impressionism to expressionism to abstract. We also offer commissioned artwork. Simply contact us and we can visit about what you would like.

two oaks farmstead

Two Oaks Farmstead Home Decor

We offer a wide variety of varying elements of home décor. You can find items ranging from wall plaques and sconces to candle holders to centerpieces. We offer serving trays, crosses of many styles and handmade hardwood cutting boards and so much more.

two oaks farmstead

Two Oaks Farmstead Jewelry

Two Oaks Farmstead is now offering a line of completely unique, handcrafted jewelry, to include hand forged jewelry; fun, playful and stunning designs for all occasions. We also offer custom designs and orders to suit your needs.

Lots of Ways to Keep in Contact

Check out Two Oaks Farm Talk and A life on the Farm for more down home info! And you don’t want to miss Two Oaks Farmstead YouTube Channel where everything collides! But, you can find out more about the people behind the places when you check out the Farm Raised Family.