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What is Farm Life and Freedom all About?

The Farm Life and Freedom podcast is all about living a simpler, more self-sufficient lifestyle and the freedom we have to enjoy it.

What you can expect from the Farm Life and Freedom podcast.

Main Topics

These are the topics that will be discussed regularly, but there may be others that pop up!

farm life and freedom
  • Gardening
  • Livestock Management
  • Homestead Management and Infrastructure
  • Self-Sufficiency in all forms
  • Cooking, Canning and other Food Preservation
  • Homeschooling and Raising Healthy Adults
  • Natural Living
  • Current Events and How they affect us
  • plus so many DIYs!

Join us at Farm Life and Freedom and take advantage of the wealth of information that flows!

Your Host

Your host, Amy Bell, is the owner/operator of Two Oaks Farmstead. She brings a lifetime of experience in gardening, livestock raising, homestead management, food preservation, home butchering and so many more topics that fall under the self-sufficiency and homesteading umbrella.

Amy is also a homeschooling mom of 5. She has been homeschooling her children for about 2 decades and often spends her time helping other families who want to get started down this rewarding path.

farm life and freedom

Amy is also a disabled veteran and retired Army Military Police officer. She has a real understanding of what it took to establish the freedoms that we enjoy as well as what it takes to maintain them. She is dedicated to maintaining them.

farm life and freedom

Amy avidly follows the events within our governmental system very closely, with an eye on how their actions affect the freedom we have to enjoy the lifestyle that we love.

You can also get to know a little more about your host, Amy Bell, by having a look at this introduction page.