A Life on the Farm is a blog about the more personal and ‘home-y’ side of the simple life. Written by a homeschooling, homesteading mom who has her hands in a little bit of everything, this blog covers many different areas of life.

Get to Know – A Life on the Farm

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On A life on the Farm, you will find a terrific information on a wide range of topics such as homeschooling, cooking – with recipes and tips and tricks, faith and family, relationships and parenting, homesteading and gardening and whatever else happens to pop up.

Get to Know – Amy Bell

A born and raised country girl from Southern Oklahoma that is loves the simple life, Amy’s background is pretty widespread.

She is a retired military police officer for the United States Army and the Oklahoma Army National Guard, having  served in two separate wars; Operation Desert Storm in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.

Amy has also owned multiple businesses over the years, putting her creativity to work for her clients. However, of all her many titles, the ones that she loves the most are mom and wife. Amy knows what it is like to have to spend so much time away from her precious family and she is grateful to now have the opportunity to spend all of her time with them.

You can also get to know the author, Amy Bell, by having a look at this introduction page.