Two Oaks Farmstead

Our farm family welcomes you to join us in all that we do…. and we tend to do a lot! Never a dull moment here on Two Oaks Farmstead! It takes an ‘all hands on deck’ approach to do all that we do, so we invite you to meet the ‘hands’!

Meet the Farm Family Members

Kris Bell

two oaks farmstead, a life on the farm, two oaks farm talk

Kris Bell (Aka Dad) is the knife-making, bush-crafting, structure building all around farm hand that is in charge of the Honey-do list! You can learn more about Kris and what he does (like KBBlades) right here.

Amy Bell

farm raised family, two oaks farmstead

Amy Bell (Aka Mom) is the all around do everything farm girl. Between farming and gardening, building, crafting, homeschooling, cooking, preserving (and the list goes on) ….and then blogging about it all…. Amy doesn’t have a lot of extra time, but thats how she likes it!

Paxton Reid

chic with a wrench, farm raised family

Paxton Reid is the big sister (and now, mom) with her own very busy life. She is a mechanic (and philosopher) and she is now embarking on putting her life long learning to work on her own homestead with her own farm family.

Logan Walker

brother bloggers, farm raised family

Logan Walker is one half of the Brother Bloggers. He is 15 and his homeschooling adventure is about to end with a very young graduation. That will leave him a lot more time for homesteading and his love of Jiu Jitsu!

Mason Sawyer

brother bloggers, farm raised family

Mason Sawyer is the other half of Brother Bloggers. He is the youngest of all the siblings and he very well may end up beating all of their homeschooling records. As the big garden helper at Two Oaks Farmstead, he is very much in tune with all things homesteading.