Welcome to the Farm!

Here at Two Oaks Farmstead we are a working farm with a variety of different things going on all at the same time. Our entire farm raised family gets in on all of it and we showcase that in many different ways.

Since we are constantly going in so many different directions, we decided that one central hub, might help out a lot! On this site you will be able to find informational pages about our family members, blogs, activities, projects, products, upcoming events and whatever else comes up!

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Check out the Family

Here, you can learn a little more about the individual members of the farm raised family behind Two Oaks Farmstead.

What’s Going On?

We try to keep everyone updated as best we can and one of the ways that we can do that is through our blogs. You can look here to find out more detailed information about each individual blog. You might find exactly what you are looking for!

A Life on the Farm is the more personal side of our simple life. Here is where you can read more about what you will find there.

Two Oaks Farm Talk is the more technically ‘farm-y’ side of farm life. Check out what you might learn there!

Brother Bloggers is where the boys hang out and talk about what they are into and learning. Check out what it’s all about right here.

Chic with a Wrench is our mechanic/philosopher daughter’s blog. You should really check that one out!

Two Oaks Farmstead is our Farm Store. You definitely don’t wanna miss out on that one. And be sure to sign up for the newsletter so that you can grab some of the awesome deals and discounts that we send out to our members! You can learn more about Two Oaks Farmstead Here.

KB Blades is just what it sounds like. It is another part of our farmstead specifically dedicated to our custom hand crafted knives. Don’t miss that!

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